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Rules & Regulations

All rules and regulations of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) can be found on the Lawriter website (codes.ohio.gov). With any of these rules, please contact the Union County Health Department for final clarification and application.


icon OAC 3701-25 
icon OAC 3701-26 


Food Safety:

       OAC 3707-1 Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code: (website)   
icon 901:3-1 Cottage Food Rules:  
icon  OAC 3701-21 Restaurant Definitions/Fees/Risk Levels:
icon  Risk Levels Food Risk Level Explanations Only 
icon ORC 3717.22 Retail Food Establishments Exceptions:  
icon  ORC 3717.42 Food Service Operation Exceptions: 


Household Sewage Systems:

       OAC 3701-29 (General rules and specifications)(website link)
icon ORC 3718 (Ohio Revised Code)


Manufactured Home Parks:

OAC 4781-12 (website)


Ohio Manufactured Homes Commissions:

All Laws and Rules (website) 



Ohio Department of Health School Environmental Health Inspection Guide


Swimming Pools:

icon OAC 3701-31


Tattoos and Body Piercing:

 icon OAC 3701-9 

icon ORC 3730


Wells (Private Water):

icon OAC 3701-28