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Other Environmental Health Program

The Environmental Health Division has multiple programs, the largest being sewage, water, and food.  Other programs include school inspections, manufactured home park inspections, public swimming pools, public campgrounds, tattoo parlors, infectious waste, and general nuisance complaints.




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Rules & Regulations

All rules and regulations of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) can be found on the Lawriter website (codes.ohio.gov). With any of these rules, please contact the Union County Health Department for final clarification and application.


icon OAC 3701-25 
icon OAC 3701-26 


Food Safety:

       OAC 3707-1 Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code: (website)   
icon 901:3-1 Cottage Food Rules:  
icon  OAC 3701-21 Restaurant Definitions/Fees/Risk Levels:
icon  Risk Levels Food Risk Level Explanations Only 
icon ORC 3717.22 Retail Food Establishments Exceptions:  
icon  ORC 3717.42 Food Service Operation Exceptions: 


Household Sewage Systems:

       OAC 3701-29 (General rules and specifications)(website link)
icon ORC 3718 (Ohio Revised Code)


Manufactured Home Parks:

OAC 4781-12 (website)


Ohio Manufactured Homes Commissions:

All Laws and Rules (website) 



Ohio Department of Health School Environmental Health Inspection Guide


Swimming Pools:

icon OAC 3701-31


Tattoos and Body Piercing:

 icon OAC 3701-9 

icon ORC 3730


Wells (Private Water):

icon OAC 3701-28


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Permits, Licenses & Fees

Public Notice:
Public Comment Period for Proposed 2018 Environmental Health Fee Schedule

The Board of Health will hear the second reading of the proposed Environmental Health Fee Schedule at the Oct. 18, 2017 Board meeting. During this meeting, the Board will review public comments on the proposed fee schedule. If you would like to comment on the fee schedule, please submit comment to Marcia Dreiseidel at marcia.dreiseidel@uchd.net prior to Oct. 17, 2017. The fee scheduled was presented for the first reading at the Sept. 20, 2017 Board of Health meeting. The folllowing PDF is a list of current and proposed fees charged by the Environmental Health Division of the Union County Health Department.  State fees vary from program to program and all fees are subject to change. This list may not reflect the final cost. Please call the Union County Health Department for the final price which will include the state fee.

icon Environmental Health Fee Schedule

Application forms are found on the forms page or on the program webpages within this site.




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Water & Sewage

The Union County Health Department issues permits for private water systems (wells) and household sewage systems. Annual inspections are conducted on household sewage systems that are installed after January 1, 2007. Prior to that date, systems with mechanical components such as aeration and mound systems are inspected annually.

The Union County Health Department would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your well or sewage system.  

Water samples can be conducted on private wells.  Contact the health department at (937) 642-2053 to set up an appointment.



Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Program

Please follow this link for information on the O&M Program



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Rules and Resources

The following are links to all rules, permits, and guidelines developed for or used by the Food Safety Division at the Union County Health Department.

Food Rules:

 Ohio Uniform Food Code
icon Home Bakery Rules
icon Cottage Food Rules


Guidelines for Establishments:

icon Requirements-FSO
icon Mobile Food Truck Requirements
icon Temporary Food Requirements
icon Home Bakery Fact Sheet
icon Cottage Food Fact Sheet
icon Risk Level Explainations (for food service/retail food operations)



icon Temporary Food Application
icon Mobile Food Application (blank)
icon Restaurant Food Application (blank)

  •     If you own an established restaurant or mobile, your renewal application will be mailed in January. Please check your mail. 



icon Employees Must Wash Hands sign
icon How to Wash Hands sign
icon ServSafe Class application
icon Basics Food Class application

        Level One Certification in Food Protection
        (This is a link to the online $15 web-based course.  The Basics Food Course offered by the Health Department
           also fulfills this requirement) 


Other Resources:

Ohio Department of Health Food Safety website
Ohio Department of Agriculture Food Safety website


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Temporary Food

Temporary food licenses allow groups to sell food at short-term events, such as football games, fairs, and festivals.  If you plan to provide food in a temporary establishment, then you need to apply for a food permit. We encourage first time operators to speak with us before applying for a permit. Please contact us at (937) 642-2053 to speak with a staff member.

To apply for a temporary food permit, please

  1. Review the guidelines.  (The guideline highlights the main food safety concerns for this operation but does not list all the food rules); and
  2. Complete the Temporary Food Permit Application; and
  3. Bring the $70 permit fee ($35 for non-profit groups) to the Union County Health Department.

Guidelines and applications concerning temporary food permits can be downloaded by clicking on the following links.

icon Temporary Food Permit Guidelines

icon Temporary Food Permit Applications

Temporary food service permit holders must adhere to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety code.



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Mobile Food

A mobile food unit is a portable trailer that is moved from one site to another. Mobile units follow the same rules that restaurants do with a few minor additions or exceptions.

Mobile food units serving Union County are inspected at every event. If you have a concern about a mobile unit, please contact the Union County Health Department at (937) 642-2053.

If you wish to open a mobile unit, please review the requirements for a mobile brochure and contact the Union County Health Department at (937) 642-2052.  A mobile license from Union County Health Department costs $248 annually. The license is good throughout the state of Ohio.



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Restaurants/Retail Food Establishments

Union County Health Department Sanitarians inspect all food service and retail food operations twice a year. Additional inspections are made if complaints are received. Complaints are typically inspected within 3 days.

Restaurants are inspected according to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code. 

 OAC Chapter 3717-1 (Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code)

Opening a Restaurant?

If you plan to open a restaurant in Union County you need to obtain a Food Service Operation (FSO) or Retail Food Establishment (RFE) license from the Union County Health Department.

For an overview of what is expected, please read the Guideline for a Food Facility Plan Review.icon

Building plans, specifically the kitchen, must be submitted and approved by the health department. A facility review application and plan review fee shall accompany the submission. A sanitarian will contact you with any questions he/she may have. Additional permits, such as building and electrical permits are obtained from the County Building Department. Contact them at (937) 644-3018.

Within 30 days you will receive notice from the health department of any changes that may be required.

Before you open, your must have a pre-opening inspection. Contact the health department at (937)642-2053 to schedule one.

A Food Service Operation or Retail Food Establishment license application must be completed once you are approved for opening. You may download and bring the application into the health department along with the applicable fee. 



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In Home/Cottage Foods

Cottage Foods

Home Bakery

If you plan to sell baked goods or candy out of your home you need to be aware of important food safety facts. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has mandatory rules for cottage foods and home bakeries. Cottage foods are non-potentially hazardous foods and home bakeries pertain to both non-potentially and potentially hazardous foods.  Potentially hazardous foods are any food that needs temperature control to remain safe for consumption, (such as cheesecakes, cream pies, pumpkin pie, etc.) Potentially hazards foods require a license to make and sell. Visit the ODA website for additional information.

Cottage Foods:

Non-potentially hazardous foods can be made in a home and sold without a food license, these are considered cottage foods and only certain foods fall into this category. Cottage foods are typically foods considered appropriate for "bake sales."  All foods in this category must be properly labeled.

Cottage Foods include:

Non-potentially hazardous bakery products;

  • Jams;
  • Jellies;
  • Candy;
  • Fruit butters;
  • Granola, granola bars, granola bars dipped in candy;
  • Popcorn, flavored popcorn, kettle corn, popcorn balls, caramel corn;
  • Unfilled, baked donuts;
  • Waffle cones;
  • Pizzelles;
  • Dry cereal and nut snack mixes with seasonings;
  • Roasted coffee, whole beans or ground;
  • Roasted coffee, whole beans or ground;
  • Dry baking mixes in a jar, including cookie mix in a jar;
  • Dry herbs and herb blends;
  • Dry seasoning blends; and
  • Dry Teas


Cottage Foods DO NOT include:

  • Process potentially hazardous foods;
  • Process acidified and low acid canned food;
  • Offer for sale adulterated or misbranded food;
  • Produce food items not listed above
  • Be sold outside the state of Ohio

icon Cottage Food Fact Sheet

icon Cottage Food Rules

icon Sample Label

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Home Bakery:

If you wish to bake potentially hazardous foods in your home, you must be a licensed Home Bakery and inspected by Ohio Department of Agriculture. These products must still be baked goods and can only be sold from your home or through a retail store or restaurant. All home bakery products must be properly labeled. They cannot be sold from a mobile unit, table, or fair booth without a food license from the health department. For more information about selling your products at events, such as fairs or festivals, contact the Union County Health Department at (937) 642-2053.

  • Home Bakery license fee is $10 per year.
  • No pets in the home, no carpet in the kitchen
  • Call (614) 728-6250 to set up your appointment or to find out more details about home bakery license from ODA.
  • Visit the ODA website

icon Home Bakery Fact Sheet

icon Sample Label


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The Food Division of the Union County Health Department inspects restaurants, school cafeterias, grocery stores, mobile food units, and temporary food units.  If you have questions about a facility or would like to open your own facility, please call the Health Department at (937) 642-2053.

 September is National Food Safety Month


      The Union County Health Department is joining forces with the National Restaurant Association as well as the Ad Council and the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, in partnership with the FDA and CDC to increase awareness of food safety in both food service establishments and homes in Union County. Each year, 1 in 6 Americans or gets sick by consuming contaminated foods or beverages with the majority of illnesses being preventable.  Foodborne illnesses can cause flu-like symptoms to hospitalization or even death. Here at UCHD we work hard to prevent and respond to food safety issues


        Our goal is to work together with you, the food operators, to decrease the rate of foodborne illness and the number of foodborne outbreaks in our backyard. We hope you join us by reinforcing safe food handling practices and procedures with your staff as well as taking advantage of the many educational opportunities available to you this month and throughout the year.


Remember food safety is about working together to keep everyone healthy and happy. We at UCHD want to collaborate and work with managers and operators for better results. ‘Cause no one wants foodborne bacteria as a dinner guest!  



*Food Safety Honor Roll check here for information on our new program encouraging/rewarding establishments that practice food safety and train employees in safe food handling and procedures.


*Need a license? Check here for information on how to apply and what is needed.


*Want to know what the rules are? Follow this link to find out along with other resources for food operators. 




Food Safety Classes- A classroom based education to teach those that work in the food service industry.  Several classes are available for both general food workers as well as those in management. For more information, click Food Safety Classes in the right-hand column..

In-Home/Cottage Foods - Home baked goods fall into these categories.  If you want to start a home-based bakery, click on the In-Home/Cottage Foods link in the right-hand column.

Restaurants/Retail Food Establishments - Restaurants are locations where food is served and consumed on the premise.  Retail Food Establishments are facilities where the food is purchased but then consumed off premise, such as a grocery store.  For more information about either, click on the Restaurant/Retail Establishment link in the right-hand column.

Mobile Food - The food trucks at fairs, festivals and other events are a mobile food unit.  They must follow the same rules as restaurants.  For more information about Mobile Food, click the link in the right-hand column.

Temporary Food - A concession unit that sells food on a temporary basis (no longer than 5 days).  This type of license is usually given to weekend and fundraising events in which hot or cold foods are served.  For more information, click Temporary Food in the right-hand column.

To view the latest inspection from Union County restaurants, click here.

To view the latest food recalls, visit the Ohio Department of Health webpage or the Ohio Department of Agriculture webpage.

Experienced a power outage or water interuption?
Take a moment to review the fact sheets and make sure you are still complying with the food regulations. 

icon Power Outage Instructions

icon Water Interruption Instructions