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Rules and Resources

The following are links to all rules, permits, and guidelines developed for or used by the Food Safety Division at the Union County Health Department.

Food Rules:

 Ohio Uniform Food Code
icon Home Bakery Rules
icon Cottage Food Rules


Guidelines for Establishments:

icon Requirements-FSO
icon Mobile Food Truck Requirements
icon Temporary Food Requirements
icon Home Bakery Fact Sheet
icon Cottage Food Fact Sheet
icon Risk Level Explainations (for food service/retail food operations)



icon Temporary Food Application
icon Mobile Food Application (blank)
icon Restaurant Food Application (blank)

  •     If you own an established restaurant or mobile, your renewal application will be mailed in January. Please check your mail. 



icon Employees Must Wash Hands sign
icon How to Wash Hands sign
icon ServSafe Class application
icon Basics Food Class application

        Level One Certification in Food Protection
        (This is a link to the online $15 web-based course.  The Basics Food Course offered by the Health Department
           also fulfills this requirement) 


Other Resources:

Ohio Department of Health Food Safety website
Ohio Department of Agriculture Food Safety website