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Mobile Home Parks

The Union County Health Department makes one inspection a year at the county's manufactured home parks on behalf of the Ohio Manufacatured Home Commission (OMHC).  These are typically conducted in the spring. These are unscheduled, walk-through inspections. The results of the inspections are mailed to the OMHC, owners and park managers. Any violations are expected to be corrected within a reasonable time frame.

Manufactured home parks in Ohio are licensed and regulated by the Ohio Manufactured Home Commission.

Manufactured home park:

Means any tract of land upon which three or more manufactured homes used for habitation are parked. Manufactured home parks are subject to the rules for construction, drainage, flood plain management, sanitation, safety and operation as specified in Chapter 4781-12 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).

Placement of a new home:

Park managers must complete and return a placement form to the OMHC. 

Home owners or park managers are required to contact the Union County Auditor's office and the Union County Building Department to obtain the proper permits.

Ohio Manufactured Home Commission:

Manufactured homes within manufactured home parks must be installed and inspected in accordance with standards adopted by the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission as specified in Chapters 4781-6 and 4781-7 of the OAC. For more information contact the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission at (614) 734-8454 or visit their website.

OAC Chapter 4781-6 
OAC Chapter 4781-7