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If you plan to sell baked goods or candy out of your home you need to be aware of important food safety facts. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has mandatory rules for cottage foods and home bakeries. Cottage foods are non-potentially hazardous foods and home bakeries pertain to both non-potentially and potentially hazardous foods.  Potentially hazardous foods are any food that needs temperature control to remain safe for consumption, (such as cheesecakes, cream pies, pumpkin pie, etc.) Potentially hazards foods require a license to make and sell. Visit the ODA website for additional information.

Cottage Foods:

Non-potentially hazardous foods can be made in a home and sold without a food license, these are considered cottage foods and only certain foods fall into this category. Cottage foods are typically foods considered appropriate for "bake sales."  All foods in this category must be properly labeled.

Cottage Foods include:

Non-potentially hazardous bakery products;

  • Jams;
  • Jellies;
  • Candy;
  • Fruit butters;
  • Granola, granola bars, granola bars dipped in candy;
  • Popcorn, flavored popcorn, kettle corn, popcorn balls, caramel corn;
  • Unfilled, baked donuts;
  • Waffle cones;
  • Pizzelles;
  • Dry cereal and nut snack mixes with seasonings;
  • Roasted coffee, whole beans or ground;
  • Roasted coffee, whole beans or ground;
  • Dry baking mixes in a jar, including cookie mix in a jar;
  • Dry herbs and herb blends;
  • Dry seasoning blends; and
  • Dry Teas


Cottage Foods DO NOT include:

  • Process potentially hazardous foods;
  • Process acidified and low acid canned food;
  • Offer for sale adulterated or misbranded food;
  • Produce food items not listed above
  • Be sold outside the state of Ohio

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Home Bakery:

If you wish to bake potentially hazardous foods in your home, you must be a licensed Home Bakery and inspected by Ohio Department of Agriculture. These products must still be baked goods and can only be sold from your home or through a retail store or restaurant. All home bakery products must be properly labeled. They cannot be sold from a mobile unit, table, or fair booth without a food license from the health department. For more information about selling your products at events, such as fairs or festivals, contact the Union County Health Department at (937) 642-2053.

  • Home Bakery license fee is $10 per year.
  • No pets in the home, no carpet in the kitchen
  • Call (614) 728-6250 to set up your appointment or to find out more details about home bakery license from ODA.
  • Visit the ODA website

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