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Food Safety for Food Operators


September is National Food Safety Month

      The Union County Health Department is joining forces with the National Restaurant Association as well as the Ad Council and the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, in partnership with the FDA and CDC to increase awareness of food safety in both food service establishments and homes in Union County. Each year, 1 in 6 Americans or gets sick by consuming contaminated foods or beverages with the majority of illnesses being preventable.  Foodborne illnesses can cause flu-like symptoms to hospitalization or even death. Here at UCHD we work hard to prevent and respond to food safety issues

        Our goal is to work together with you, the food operators, to decrease the rate of foodborne illness and the number of foodborne outbreaks in our backyard. We hope you join us by reinforcing safe food handling practices and procedures with your staff as well as taking advantage of the many educational opportunities available to you this month and throughout the year.

The National Restaurant Association offers free online training activities and posters that you can access through our website along with many other resources.  Look out for more information coming your way as we campaign for good personal hygiene, prevent cross-contamination, control time and temperature, and encourage proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

Remember food safety is about working together to keep everyone healthy and happy. We at UCHD want to collaborate and work with managers and operators for better results. ‘Cause no one wants foodborne bacteria as a dinner guest!  

Food Safety Honor Roll check here for information on our new program encouraging/rewarding establishments that practice food safety and train employees in safe food handling and procedures.


Need a license? Check here for information on how to apply and what is needed.

Want to know what the rules are? Follow this link to find out along with other resources for food operators. 

National Restaurant Association