Restaurant Inspection Reports

The Ohio Department of Health created a statewide database for restaurant inspection reports starting in 2014.

Click here to access the restaurant inspection database for Union County.

The inspection website offers an opportunity to share information which may assist you in being a well-informed consumer.
An inspection report may not be representative of the overall, long-term conditions within a facility. It is important to understand that inspection information provided here shows only the conditions of the facility at the time of the inspection. A single inspection report should not be used to evaluate the overall operation of an establishment. Looking at a facility's inspection results over a period of time gives a more accurate picture of that facility's commitment to compliance. It is also important to note that a violation at a facility which is part of a restaurant/grocery chain indicates a problem only at that particular location.

If you you would like to view an inspection report for a local restaurant and cannot find it in the database, please contact the Union County Health Department at (937) 642-2053. 

Each licensing year, the Union County Health Department inspects each restaurant at least twice. An inspection is also performed if valid complaints are received. To voice a complaint, contact the Union County Health Department at (937) 642-2053.

A person who wishes to serve or sell food for a charge or required donation to the public is required by law to first obtain a license from their local health department. These licenses are issued following a facility review to ensure the design of the facility is in compliance with Ohio's Food Safety Regulations.  If you need to obtain a license or are considering opening a food service operation, please visit this page for more information.

For a list of the latest food recalls, click here: Ohio Department of Health searchable database or Ohio Department of Agriculture searchable database.  


Inspection Frequency:
Facility inspections are conducted two times per year. Inspection reports will become available throughout the year, as inspections are conducted.
Violations (Two types of violations may be cited):
Critical Violations: Violations of the Food Regulations, which, if left uncorrected, are more likely than other violations to directly contribute to food contamination or illness. Examples include improper temperature control of food, and the improper cooking, cooling, refrigeration or reheating of food. Such problems can create environments that cause pathogens (bacteria/viruses) to grow and thrive, which put consumers at risk for food-borne illness.
Non-Critical Violations: Violations not directly related to the cause of foodborne illness, however if uncorrected, could affect the operation of the facility and lead to critical violations. Examples include a lack of facility cleanliness and maintenance, or improper cleaning of nonfood-contact equipment.

Standard: This inspection is unannounced to the facility. A local health department sanitarian will conduct a complete inspection covering all items in the regulations for compliance.
Pre-license Inspection: This inspection is conducted prior to issuing a license to a new operation. The purpose of this inspection is to provide consultation and education to the operator.
Critical Control Point (CCP): A sanitarian will spend time reviewing a facility's food processes that may directly contribute to food contamination or illness and educates the facility on proper procedures.
Process Review (PR): This type of inspection is similar to a CCP inspection; however the inspections are conducted in facilities such as grocery stores or convenience stores. The inspection will focus on a specific process that may directly contribute to food contamination or illness.
Follow-up Inspection: This is an inspection for the specific purpose of re-inspecting items that were not in compliance at the time of the standard, CCP and/or PR inspection. These inspections are scheduled.
Complaint: This is an unannounced inspection conducted as a result of a complaint received by the health department. The specifics of the complaint will be evaluated and discussed with the person in charge of the facility.


Food Safety Honor Roll

Union County Health Department started a program called the Food Safety Honor Roll*. Each September during Food Safety Month, UCHD will publish a list of  food establishments who exhibit dedication and commitment to safe food handling and train their staff in food safety. The list is self-nominated and will be published on our website throughout the year as well as released to the local media. 

The Current Honor Roll Members are:

Boston's The Gourmet Pizza
Gables at Green Pastures
Northwood Elementary
Subway Restuarant - 5th Street
Subway Restaurant - US 36

To learn more about the Food Safety Honor Roll, visit this page.

*Note: The Food Safety Honor Roll is a self-nominated list that is then reviewed by UCHD. Establishments on the list may not necessarily be the safest food service establishment but are ones that have voluntarily chosen to show a dedication to food safety. Establishments missing from the list may still be dedicated to following food safety practices and procedures just have not provided UCHD with that information through the Food Safety Honor Roll Program. This program is used as an encouragement for businesses already following strict food safety practices and training schedules by rewarding them by publicly sharing their noteworthy food safety dedication status. The program is also used as an incenitive for other establishments to increase food safety training and practices in their businesses. 


ServSafe Scholarship Program

The Union County Health Department (UCHD) Food Safety Program is pleased to announce the creation of a scholarship program that will allow qualified individuals to attend the nationally recognized ServSafe Course free of charge. This is one of the ways that our Department is giving back to the community. Qualified individuals will be selected from a pool of candidates that score a perfect 100% on the Food Safety Basics quiz administered quarterly (First Wednesday of March, June, September and December) by our organization.  In addition, qualified candidates will be required to submit an essay on the importance of food safety. The scholarship has a $150.00 cash value that can only be applied toward the ServSafe Course administered by UCHD Food.  For more information click here.