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About Us

The Union County Health Department (UCHD) was created in 1919 in response to the 1918 flu pandemic. Today, the Union County Health Department is made up of four divisions: Nursing, Environmental Health, Health Promotion and Planning, and Administration (includes Vital Statistics). These divisions provide services directly to our residents as well as services that protect our community as a whole. UCHD's main functions are to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, reduce the incidence of chronic disease, and promote health and well-being.


The mission of the Union County Health Department is to protect the health, safety and well-being of all Union County residents by providing quality public health services.




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Staff Directory

The functions of the Union County Health Department are covered by a group of caring individuals. Below is our staff directory, including titles and program areas. All individuals may be reached by phone at 937-642-2053. If you receive an automated message, please dial the appropriate extension below. Staff may also be contacted via email. Email addresses all follow the same pattern: firstname.lastname@uchd.net.  If you are unsure who to send an email to, please send a message to contact@uchd.net 

The Union County Health Department leadership team consists of the Health Commissioner and the division directors. The leadership team is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Union County Health Department and reports to the Union County Board of Health. 


Jason Orcena

Health Commissioner

ext. 2044

Gretchen Krantz

Vital Registrar & Senior Administrative Assistant

ext. 2060

Jennifer Thrush

Public Information Officer

ext. 2047

Tim Kelley

Accreditation Coordinator

645-2048 (press 2)



Paul Bresson

Fiscal Officer

ext. 2033


Ashley Mitchell

Deputy Director of Administration
Human Resources

ext. 2026

Michelle Amrine

Fiscal Assistant

ext. 2034

Diane Morrison

Administrative Assistant & Deputy Registrar

ext. 2030


Teresa Jackson

Administrative Assistant

ext. 2038

Environmental Health

marcia dreiseidel

Marcia Dreiseidel

Director of Environmental Health

ext. 2040

jim cogar

Jim Cogar

Deputy Director of Environmental Health
Sanitarian - Residential Sewage & Well Systems Program

ext. 2041

Melissa Henry

Sanitarian - Food Program, Nuisance Complaints

ext. 2042

holly rast

Holly Rast

Sanitarian - Food Program, Residential Sewage & Well Systems Program

ext. 2043

Adam Schultz

Sanitarian - Residential Sewage & Well Systems Program, Food Program

ext. 2053

Paul Ithenya

Sanitarian-In-Training - Residential Sewage & Well Systems Program

ext. 2029

Vic Olszewski

Plumbing Inspector

ext. 2025

Joe Morris

Administrative Assistant

ext. 2039


Zach Colles

Epidemiologist & Environmental Health Technician

ext. 2062


Allison Zandarski

Environmental Health Program Coordinator - Septic System Operation & Maintenance Program

ext. 2028

Health Promotion and Planning

shawn sech

Shawn Sech

Director of Health Promotion & Planning

ext. 2045

liz fries Elizabeth Fries
Deputy Director of Health Promotion & Planning

ext. 2031

shawnna jordan Shawnna Jordan  Health Planner - Traffic Safety & Pedestrian Injury Prevention

ext. 2032    

Doug Matthews Health Planner - Creating Healthy Communities ext. 2027
uchd Rebecca Honaker Health Planner - Older Adult Falls Injury Prevention

ext. 2049

uchd Zach Watson Communication Specialist - Social Media

ext. 2063

rick roush Rick Roush Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

ext. 2035

Mary Salimbene Merriman Epidemiologist ext. 2062
Vacant Zach Colles Epidemiologist & Environmental Health Technician ext. 2062
uchd Sally Basner Early Head Start Home Visitor ext. 2051


JoyceRichmond Joyce Richmond Director of Nursing

ext. 2054

SueLisman Sue Lisman Public Health Nurse - Communicable Disease/Immunizations

ext. 2056

susie knox Susie Knox

Public Health Nurse - Prenatal Clinic

ext. 2059

Kim Prior Public Health Nurse - Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH) & School Nursing Services

ext. 2055

Krista Finch Certified Nurse Practitioner - Sexual Health Clinic ext. 2057
uchd Regina Lopez-Wurth Public Health Nurse - Sexual Health Clinic ext. 2036
uchd Vacant Public Health Nurse - Immunizations & Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH) ext. 2261
tina conrad Tina Conrad Senior Administrative Assistant & Medical Billing

ext. 2058

Women, Infant & Children (WIC)- Delaware General Health District

The Women, Infant and Childrens (WIC) program is provided through a partnership with the Delaware General Health District. The staff working on this program are employees of the DGHD. If you would like to contact these individuals, you can call our main number at 937-642-2053 or you may email them. Email addresses for DGHD staff follow the pattern firstintiallastname@delawarehealth.org.

mani syar Mani Syar


ext. 2061

dawn wright Dawn Wright


ext. 2061

Miah Wurtsbaugh

Breastfeeding Peer Helper

ext. 2049

linda wolcott Linda Wolcott Administrative Assistant

ext. 2064

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Board of Health

Board of Health

The seven member board is the governing body of the Union County Health Department, providing direction and support to the agency's mission. Four members are nominated by the township trustees through the District Advisory Council. Two members are appointed by the city of Marysville. One member is appointed by the District Licensing Council. The current members of the Board of Health are:

Mr. James "Al" Channell - President

Mr. Keith Watson -  Vice President

Dr. Gary Bowman

Ms. Donna Burke

Dr. Justin Krueger

Mr. Eric Milholland

Mr. Mark Smith


The board of health meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 am. Standing meeting location is the Union County Services Building, Conference Room F, 940 London Avenue, Marysville. Special meetings of the Board of Health are held as needed. Any meeting of the Board of Health or its subcommittees are posted in the events section of www.uchd.net. These meetings are announced as required by Ohio's Open Meetings Law. Board of Health meetings are open to the public. If you wish to address the Board of Health, please contact the health department in advance at (937) 642-2053 for consideration.


Former Board of Health Members


Charles D. Mills, MD 1919-1933
L.L. Roebuck, MD 1919-1923
G.G. McIlroy 1919-1923
J.H. Kinkade 1919-1937
E.G. Grandstaff 1919-1923
H.L. Agner 1924-1929
W.F. Anderson 1924-1941
S.J. Brown 1924-1925
F.J. Wurtzbaugh, MD 1925-1942
Grant Gault 1929-1930
H.P. Clouse 1930-1933
Angus Macivor, MD 1933-1940
John DeVoss 1934-1980
William Cameron 1937-1943
C.O. Wiley 1940-1948
J.I. McAdow 1941-1962
E.J. Marsh, MD 1942-1975
William Porter 1943-1952
P.W. Sullivan 1948-1953
Urta Boerger 1952-1973
Rev. Robert Turner 1953-1954
C.W. Holcomb, MD 1954-1990
Jess Mitchell 1962-1971
Kenneth Koltenbah 1972-1983
Nena Seely  1973-1992
Lutrelle Lee 1975-1990
Phoebe Dunham 1980-1982
Jean Thiergartner 1982-1996
Paul Devine 1983-1998
Adam Shuman 1983-1984
Donald Parrott 1984-1990
Jeff Swartz 1988-1998
William Leibold 1990-1995
Michael Coleman, MD 1991-1993
Dianne Burns 1992-2001
Dr. Scott Baker 1994-1995
Beverly Savage, MD 1994-1999
Darlene Craver 1995-2001
Ken Kraus 1995-2000
Gary McDowell 1996-2011
Rick Shortell 1998-2000
Mike Brake 1998-2002
Anita Wantz, MD 1999-2004
Marge Myers 2000-2010
Eric Milholland 2000-Present
Eric Priday 2001-2001
Carrol Karrer, Ph. D, RN 2001-2014
Al Channell 2001-Present
Rod Goddard 2003-2016
Erin Harris, MD 2004-2007
Justin Krueger, MD 2008-Present
Donna Burke, RPh 2010-Present
Keith Watson 2011-Present
Gary Bowman, DVM 2014-Present
Mark Smith 2016-Present


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Rules & Regulations




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Food Safety Classes

Class Schedule:

Basics Class:
Please register 5 days prior to the class date.

March 7, 2018
June 6, 2018
Sept 5, 2018
November 28, 2018

ServSafe Course:

March 6, 8, and 13, 2018 - register by February 15, 2018
June 5, 7, and 12, 2018 - register by May 15, 2018
August 7, 9, and 14 - register by July 15, 2018
October 9, 11, and 16 2018 - register by September 15, 2018

Food Safety Class Registration 2018
Forms may be returned by mail, fax, or email to Marcia Dreiseidel.


 About  Our Classes

Basics Food Class:

The Union County Health Department provides one-day food safety classes for food service workers with little or no food service experience. The classes are held four times a year from 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at the Union County Services Building, 940 London Ave, Marysville.

Classes cost $10 per person. Pre-registration is required and can be done by calling (937) 642-2053 or printing and returning the registration form posted above.

If your company would like to hold an on-site Basics Course, contact the Union County Health Department to make arrangements.  A 5 person minimum is required.


ServSafe Class:

Three-day "Certification in Food Protection" (ServSafe) courses are also available to food service managers are also available on a semi-annual basis. Class fee is $150 per person which includes the textbook and handouts. Classes are offered several times throughout the year. Check the schedule posted at the top of the page for the next available class. Call (937) 642-2053 for more information.

Online ServSafe courses are available through www.servsafe.com.  You'll need to purchase the Manager's Course ($125) and the exam voucher ($36).  This course can be done at your own pace, but you need a proctor for the final exam. Contact Melissa Henry at UCHD to schedule a time and date.

New food code rules require that one management personel per operation be certified in Level Two Training.  ServSafe is a Level Two training. This applies only to Risk Level 3 and 4 operations.


Level One Training (Person in Charge):

This training is required for all new food service managers, effective March 1, 2010. A classroom-based or online course of ServSafe meet the requirements.  

Ohio Food Handlers is a $15 online course that meets the Level One Training requirement.  A copy of the certificate should be provided to the Health Department for verification of training.Click here to access ServSafe and/or the Ohio Food Handlers website.

If a classroom based training is preferred, the food safety basics course ($10) offered by the Union County Health Department meets the Level One Training requirement. See above for the schedule.


Level Two Training (One Person per Operation):

Starting March 1, 2017, Foods Service Operations and Retail Food Establishments with risk level 3 or 4 licenses are required to have one person per facility to be certified in Level Two Food Safety.  The person should be someone with supervisor responsibility and food handling.  ServSafe classes (classroom or online) meet this requirement.  

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Links to all the forms that the Union County Health Department uses are found on this page.  You may print and fill out the forms before you come into the office to pay the appropriate fees.  If you have questions about the form, please call the health department at (937) 642-2053.  If you are unsure of which form to use, visit the appropriate web page or call the health department.

Simply filling out a form does not guarantee that you will receive the license or permit.  Filling out the form is just one step within the processes that must be taken. All forms are required to be filed with the health department before work begins.


icon Temporary Food Application
icon Mobile Food Application
icon Restaurant/Retail Food Application
icon Facility Review Application
icon Employee Health Policy
icon Vomit/Diarrheal Clean-up Poster


Sewer and Water


 Well Permit Application (new wells, alterations, or well sealing) Editable electronic copy

 icon Well Permit and Completion Forms (new wells, alteration, or well sealing)  Third page is completion form.

Septic System Application (new installation or replacement) - Triplicate form must be obtained in the office.


Animal Bites

icon Animal Bite Report Form
icon Veterinarian Form


Records Request

icon Records Request

NOTICE: Per Ohio Sunshine Laws, records requests do NOT have to be made in writing; requests do NOT have to use specfic language; and requesters do NOT have to provide a name, contact information or reason for request. The form above will assist in fulfilling records requests. Requesters may choose to complete this form, or staff can take a verbal request and document it on this form. This form is not required to receive records from the Union County Health Department it is only an aid to our staff. 


Tattoos and Body Piercing

icon Tattoo Parlor Application


Manufactured Home Parks

icon Placement Form



icon Variance Request Form

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Healthcare Professionals





Zika Virus

Federal and state public health agencies are closely monitoring the Zika outbreak. The Union County Health Department will work closely with our local hospital, doctors, and first responders to ensure our community is prepared. While Ohioans are not at significant risk at this time, now is the best time for our community to prepare. For more information on how the healthcare system in Union County is preparing, please contact the Union County Health Department at (937) 642-2053 or via email at contact@uchd.net.




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Tattoos & Body Piercing

Tattoo and Body Piercing establishments are regulated by OAC 3701-9. The Union County Health Department inspects licensed tattoo facilities annually.

Opening a Tattoo and/or Body Piercing Establishment?

If you wish to open a tattoo facility you must fill out an application.  Submit the application with your building plans, equipment list, and copies of the blood-borne pathogen certification for all tattoo artists. The license fee is $125, annually. Once all plans and certifications have been approved, then an inspection of the facility is required before the license will be issued.

Having a Tattoo and/or Body Piercing Party?

If you have a licensed tattoo artist come into your facility/home for a tattoo party then a temporary tattoo license must be obtained. The artist’s business license does not extend beyond his licensed facility. Print and fill out the form and return it to the Union County Health Department. The cost is $125. The license is good for up to 5 days and no more than 10 a year can be issued from the same county to the same artist.

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Mobile Home Parks

The Union County Health Department makes one inspection a year at the county's manufactured home parks on behalf of the Ohio Manufacatured Home Commission (OMHC).  These are typically conducted in the spring. These are unscheduled, walk-through inspections. The results of the inspections are mailed to the OMHC, owners and park managers. Any violations are expected to be corrected within a reasonable time frame.

Manufactured home parks in Ohio are licensed and regulated by the Ohio Manufactured Home Commission.

Manufactured home park:

Means any tract of land upon which three or more manufactured homes used for habitation are parked. Manufactured home parks are subject to the rules for construction, drainage, flood plain management, sanitation, safety and operation as specified in Chapter 4781-12 of the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).

Placement of a new home:

Park managers must complete and return a placement form to the OMHC. 

Home owners or park managers are required to contact the Union County Auditor's office and the Union County Building Department to obtain the proper permits.

Ohio Manufactured Home Commission:

Manufactured homes within manufactured home parks must be installed and inspected in accordance with standards adopted by the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission as specified in Chapters 4781-6 and 4781-7 of the OAC. For more information contact the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission at (614) 734-8454 or visit their website.

OAC Chapter 4781-6 
OAC Chapter 4781-7