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Recipe of the Week: Green Beans

Try a new recipe! The Wellness Consortium of Union County has partnered with Union County Farmer's Market to bring you information and healthy recipes that feature locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Vegetable of the Week: Green Beans

Selection:Green beans are high in vitamins A and C and are an excellent source of fiber. A cup of green beans is only 31 calories, making it a great choice as a side dish or snack. Picked
fried green beans 001mkwhile still immature, green beans are one of only a few varieties of beans that are eaten fresh. Although green beans vary in size they average about four inches in length. They are usually deep emerald green in color and come to a slight point at either end. They contain tiny seeds within their thin pods.  

Pick beans that are straight and slender. Beans should have a fresh, vivid color, velvety feel, and a firm texture. If you can see the seeds (beans) bulging in the pods, then they are over-mature. Over-mature beans will be tough, stringy and have a starchy taste. Avoid beans with rust spots and scars. When broken, beans should snap crisply.


Always store beans in a cool place. To preserve green beans for future use, freeze or can them. Canning instructions are available from your local county Extension office. Small amounts of beans can be stored in a plastic bag in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer for up to 5 days.


Wash beans thoroughly in clear, cool water. Snap or trim the cap end off each bean. Leave the beans whole for cooking or snap or cut them crosswise into 1-to 2-inch lengths.

To Blanch or Boil: Wash and trim beans. Put beans in saucepan and cover with water. Remove beans and set side. Bring water to a boil, and drop beans, one handful at a time, into water so that the water continues to boil. Cook to the desired doneness, 3 to 8 minutes. Drain and serve while the beans are still crisp-tender, or add them to another dish for further cooking.

To Microwave: Place a pound of cut-up, washed and trimmed beans in a microwave dish with ¼ cup water. Cover and cook on high 5 to 10 minutes.

To Steam: Wash and trim beans. Bring an inch of water to a boil and place steamer basket with beans over the water. Cover and steam 3 to 7 minutes to desired tenderness.

To Stir-fry: Wash and cut beans into 2-inch lengths. Heat 1 teaspoon oil for every cup of beans. Stir-fry in hot oil 2 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat. If you wish, cover for a minute or so to reach

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